Dafilo vineyard is located in a tranquil setting just 10 minutes from downtown Zadar in the beautiful hills of Murvica. Our vineyard are located on the Dalmatian side of the Velebit mountain witch has the ideal microclimate for growing grapes. Come taste our sustainably produced wine straight from the source at our wine tastings.

Our wines are known for their rich texture, personality, complex and elegant aroma. We are also the ideal place for different kinds of events so come and celebrate your weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, retirements or births in the private spaces of Dafilo vineyard! Each of our private events are one of a kind and curated to meet the needs of each individual celebration.


Dafilo Vineyard’s scenic patio among the grapevines is an ideal place to gather with friends and family for up to 250 people. Or if you are a smaller company in our vine cellar for up to 40 people. The next time you are searching for a setting to celebrate the big or little things in life, contact us and we’ll help create an unforgettable event.

If you and your company need somewhere to stay during your stay, please contact us, we cooperate with a number of accommodations around our vineyard.

Book your experience quickly and easily via email using a link below. Or, we invite you to call us to speak to one of our experienced associates.


Dafilo vineyard is a vineyard and event-space 10 minutes from the heart of Zadar. Crested on a hilltop it has a spectacular view of the valley, the Velebit-mountain and the lush vineyard.

At dafilo Vineyard there is a rustic charm that meets the simple elegance and world class wines. We have a farm-to-table philosophy that celebrates local cuisine by forming partnerships with regional producers and artisans so that we can serve local and ecological food as much as we can.

Do you want to know more about having your wedding at our vineyard? Our team is ready to create unforgettable memories together with you. Welcome to contact us!


Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, retirements or births in the private spaces of Dafilo vineyard! Each of our private events are one of a kind and curated to meet the needs of each individual celebration. Our events team can walk you through the decisions and steps to make your party effortless and original!


Dafilo vineyard is the perfect venue for your next corporate event.
We offers a great setting for company outings, off-site planning meetings or team building activities. Kick off a special project, or reward your employees with a day of food, wine and relaxing.

If you’re looking for a fresh, farm-to-table experience, customized to meet your needs, let Dafilo vineyard host your next meeting, conference or retreat!


Wine is more than a drink, it is an experience we are excited to share with you. Join us, by appointment, at our stunning location where we pair our wine with food from our local producers.

We invite you to share this unique experience from six up to fifteen guests. For more information and pricing or to book a reservation, please call or email us. We look forward to your request.


Even after more than 100 years, the fourth generation of the Surać family nurtures the tradition of growing the highest quality grape varieties in Murvica, on the hills above Zadar, a beautiful historic town on the sea and Velebit, a mountain that divides the mainland and Mediterranean parts of Croatia. On the one hand they smoke barrels and on the other hand the sun and the sea aerosol create the ideal microclimate for growing grapes.

With love for the production of the highest quality red wine varieties, respecting the traditions and customs, the Surać family applies innovative concepts and creates added value to their product, ensuring the same level of quality always. With every contribution and love, each generation has created today’s vineyard that spans thousands of square meters and tells its story of success and togetherness.

“Dafilo” – family strength – a brand that is recognizable on the map of Europe, a brand that continuously invests in its development and maintains a recognizable quality.
We have created a fairy tale that we want to share with you!


Wine with a rich texture and personality. The complex and elegant aroma of dark berry and fruits, plums, cherries, balsamics and spices are finally complemented by delicious dark chocolate. The integrated tannins give the wine its full flavor.

It is served with a variety of meat and mustard dishes, such as the classic Boeuf Bourguignon. It is also suitable for grilled meat.
Serving temperature: 18-20 ° C (decanted)
Soil: limestone / loam /
Elevation: 76 m.

The clusters are hand-picked and carefully selected. Some are placed in boxes of 5-6 kg and dried for about 4 months in special rooms where there is natural air circulation. After the drying process, the grapes are carefully ground in January and then fermented for 30 days using natural yeast. Then for 3 years it stands in Slavonian oak barrels, and is filled into bottles where it stands for another year.When the wine is prepared this way it can last up to 20 years.

Grape varieties:
Corvina, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Croatina, Syrah, Rondinella, Molinara.